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A company which strongly believes that appearance and presentation does matter!...(re)invent uniforms are simply smarter.

In our research, we found that the majority of the schools had taken to wearing a polyester fabric with minimal cotton content in it. A bit ironical considering the fact that these schools are in prime cotton growing, spinning and weaving districts of India. A child spends an entire day and probably a quarter of one's life in uniforms! A product that shouldn't be compromised at any stage right from quality to appearance!

Exceptional Quality: Specifically developed for tropical weather - cotton rich, wrinkle free.

  • School uniform and sportswear survives one of the toughest environments asked of any garment; going to be worn and washed everyday!
  • The best fabrics and factories are used to offer a consistent supply and quality.
  • Great quality school uniform at very competitive price.
  • We challenge you to try our products and see for yourself how they are some of the most exclusive and durable in the market today.

Benefit to the School/Parents:

  • Bulk delivery start to the school.
  • The school can offer parents "UNIFORM", uniforms with consistency in styling, stitching and supply eliminating the headache of managing several suppliers and for the parents eliminating the pain of going to the local tailors (always in shortage).
  • Comfortable, Durable and Affordable: A child spends nearly 10 hours of a day in the school uniform, so from Comfort to Quality to Appearance should not be compromised at any stage.
  • Stylish & Trendy: Designs are not only functional but also trendy and chic. (re)invent uniforms are Simply Smarter.
  • Reflects School’s Personality: Uniform if thoughtfully designed can be an effective medium to reflect the school's personality and ideologies. A classic look for conservative institution, trendy look for new age school and yet a more global look for the international schools, etc. The right look for your school can be creatively worked out using appropriate styling, colors and patterns in a well equipped design studio.
  • Enhancement: We can embroider or print your logo on the garments to give that individual look.
  • Mix and Match: With this range we can offer a great mix and match solution by offering a selection of styles and fabrics to enable you to customize your new look!

Design Process

Our products have been carefully designed to ensure that they offer the right performance, high quality, technically up to dated fabrics with consistency theme to tailor the uniforms and sports kits. We provide styles which we know in turn will improve performance, image and morale.

Design Studio Visit: The journey begins here.....
Services of design team: A highly qualified design team equipped with textile and garment design Softwares, Designers (fashion and accessories), Drapers, Pattern Masters, Tailors and Embroiders are at your service to achieve your vision.

  • You can select a design from our archives of over 2000 fabric patterns or play with various color combinations on our software to create your very own.
  • Usually when deciding to change the uniform a school is made to choose from 1x1 inch swatches and nobody is able to offer the ready yardages to stitch the uniform leaving a lot to imagination, since we are manufacturers we provide the schools this valuable service of showing them ready samples of whatever they are ordering, in their chosen fabric and styling before the bulk production.
  • This way a school can have a preview of the new change with all their teachers /parents prior to placing the final order.

A service a very few can offer!

School Visit : A visit by our patternmaking team to the school for size booking.

Final Orders : is a production.....cycle of 60 to 90days.

Our Promise : The mission is achieved when we see the students wearing the change that you selected, adding to their self confidence and enthusiasm with the reinvent team at every stage to help you with the decisions.

How after all this.....are we affordable?

The integration of all production facilities enables us.

  • Unparalleled latitude to innovate and create new products.
  • Complete control over quality.
  • Originality of our collections.
  • Accruing us significant cost advantages by removing intermediaries from the traditional manufacturing chain.

Today, Cotshreys product range has expanded far beyond to luxurious range of fine cottons which make their way to the top brands in the international market as well as the domestic designers capturing the boxer shorts fabrics, fine shirting linens etc.

Our assortment also includes a range of sophisticated high-quality stoles. All our products imbibe the central elements of our promise that has been the hallmark of our success: inherent artistic value, timeless appeal, outstanding quality, superior craftsmanship and exceptional value.

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  • We offer you free consultation service.
  • We can tailor a package to suit the needs of the school, the students and the parents.
  • We work closely with you to design, develop and create your ideal uniform.
  • We will present a full range of samples free of charge with no obligation.
  • Changing your uniform becomes a simpler process with us.
  • Our experienced sales team will then lead you through the entire process offering you contented service.

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